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13 13. The Walk Of Shame

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If Rousey needs any motivation going into her next match, all she needs to do is look at this picture. Most people have experienced a version of the “walk of shame” in their life. Most experience this in a different form, whether it be coming back home after a night of some serious drinking or yelling at a store employee for running out of your favorite bagels, even though there right in front of you. These moments happen to everyone and lead to a sad walk, where you need to process the embarrassment you just faced.

For Rousey, she experienced that multiplied by 100. Surely, she will thinking about how low she felt before her next bout against Amanda Nunes for the Women’s Bantam Championship on December 20th, 2016.

3 3. Freeze Frame

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In this day and age, people are consistently PVRing shows, so they can pause the content they’re watching at any time and come back to it whenever they feel like it. With that, you get pictures like this, where Ronda Rousey is caught giving Jimmy Fallon the stink eye (entirely jokingly) while appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show. While this is one of the more humerous entries on this list, with little back story behind it and just a funny image to go off, it’s still one of the least flattering pictures of the normally absolutely gorgeous Ronda Rousey. Honestly, watch the interview and you’ll wonder where this still could’ve possibly come from, as she looks stunning throughout with an incredible makeup job and a dress that leaves very little to the imagination.

2 2. Weird Health Add

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Shape Army reposted this picture from a Carl Jrs ad, telling people to eat like Rousey. The campaign used the clever slogan of “eat like Rousey to not look lousy” (and they spelled her name wrong. It’s Ronda, not Rhonda!). The slogan was pretty lazy and the picture itself made absolutely no sense, especially towards young fans who get a false depiction from the picture. The picture basically shows Ronda biting into what appears to be white toast bread, a natural carbohydrate for that matter. Along with the bread, the sandwich has yellow cheese and a meat that appears to be unsuitable for someone dieting. The sandwich looks like it’s loaded with fat and carbohydrates while sustaining minimal amounts of protein. Now that’s a nice piece of false advertising for you.

At least she wasn’t slamming down a piece of pizza hashtagging the word #health next to it. And maybe the bread, cheese and meat are a secret low calorie kind…

12 12. The Humiliation Following the Loss

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What made Ronda Rousey’s loss so much worse was the fact that she couldn’t have been any further from home at that point. Rousey was “down under” on the other side of the world in Australia. When you’re feeling low, the last place you want to be is far from home. Most of us, would go home, lock the door and curl up in a ball for a minimum of 72 hours while sporting joggers, a hoodie and eating endless amounts of ice cream or in Ronda’s case, some type of protein filled Greek yogurt.

As we said, that wasn’t the case and Rousey was forced to get on a brutal flight from Australia to California. When she arrived at the scene, the paparazzi were out in full force but she was having none of it, covering her face the entire time.

17 17. Bizarre Transformation

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This picture just sums up how over the edge Ronda was at this point in time. With each win, it seemed like Rousey was getting more and more arrogant. This photo shows Rousey all dressed up in her “Hollywood look.” The former champion just flat out lost herself in the lifestyle and seemed unrecognizable during the press conference before her fight with Holly Holm.

After all, during this period, she was pretty much on top of the entertainment world. She had a spot in Maxim’s Hot 100, appearances on countless talk shows, movie roles in films like Entourage, Furious 7 & The Expendables 3, she co-hosted SportsCenter and had countless adds from a variety of companies, including Reebok.

10 10. Middle Finger

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Naturally, any kind of role model wouldn’t want a picture of them giving the middle finger to be easily accessible, but even though Ronda is definitely a role model to young women everywhere, she has a variety of pictures of her flipping the bird. One was at a weigh in before her match with Miesha Tate, one was in a picture at a party, and then we have the one you can see above. Rousey appears to be in a sauna looking to cut weight before a fight when she flips the bird to whoever might be taking this picture. She also looks significantly younger, so this could be from earlier in her MMA career, but it’s still a picture that Ronda would prefer we never see.

9 9. The Dana White A** Grab

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It’s hard to figure out where to begin with this one. The two are very close and many in the media love to joke around when discussing Dana and his favoritism towards some fighters, and especially with Ronda. Well, this picture shows that they might be a little “too close.” The two seem like they’re having an innocent hug, but White’s hand happens to slip a little too far down her waist.

All jokes aside, Dana has a spouse along with three children, while Rousey is also happily in love with a fellow UFC fighter. Plus, Dana’s old enough to be her father, inching towards his 50s while Rousey hasn’t even turned 30 yet. It seems more like a weird angle then anything, but it’s still a funny pic!

8 8. Wandering Eyes…

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In terms of awkward and creepiness, this picture takes the cake. There just seems to be so much happening that we don’t even know where to begin.

We’ll start with Rousey who seems to be the center of attention in this picture, wearing a tightly fitted black dress along with some seductive lipstick and fantastic hair curls. It was all fine until Ronda decided to inch her hands towards her breast. This caused a nice chuckle out of MMA star Jon Jones, who seems to be enjoying the view. Speaking of enjoying the view, the Conor McGregor seems to be getting in a look himself from a distance, fixing his glasses while getting a nice look at the curvaceous UFC star.

18 18. Getting Intimate

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This may surprise several of you, but Ronda Rousey does have feelings and emotions just like all of us, despite the fact she can break you in half.

In this picture, Ronda is seen with Travis Browne. The two have several pictures with one another hanging out and getting intimate in front of the cameras. The ironic part about this relationship is it happened after Rousey’s relationship with Brendan Schaub. Browne had actually knocked out Schaub in a previous UFC encounter which makes the entire situation pretty humorous. Browne was actually in a relationship around the time of this picture and his former partner had speculated he’d been cheating on her with Ronda, which is pretty awkward because it’s not like it’s possible to go beat up Ronda Rousey. The two confirmed they were in fact dating on October of last year.

14 14. The Aftermath

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If that previous picture wasn’t your screensaver as a Rousey hater, then this one probably was. This photo shows Ronda at her absolute worst, stunned at what just happened. She remained on the floor for several moments in utter and complete shock for what had just transpired. For athletes who are used to dominating at their craft, you can only imagine what was going through the mind of the former champion in the middle of the octagon at this moment.

At the very least, though, both Holm and Ronda were awarded a cool $50,000 following the high profile bout, winning the “Fight of the Night» bonus. Following the match, Ronda was medically suspended because of the injuries she sustained, but would get the green light shortly after on December 9th.

15 15. The Collapse

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If you dislike Ronda Rousey, this picture has probably been your screen-saver for the last year. If you love Ronda, on the other hand, please skip ahead for the next couple of pictures because some of these ain’t pretty and are images most fans thought they’d never see.

This fight took place almost a year ago on the UFC 193 card. Obviously, they main evented the show that took place in front of a packed house of over 56,000 fans at the beautiful Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Those in attendance and watching at home witnessed one of the biggest upsets in UFC history when the underdog Holly Holm, who had a record of 9-0 at the time, stunned the world and handed Rousey her first loss. The second round was Rousey’s undoing, after she got caught with a brutal neck kick causing one of the most improbable victories ever.

16 16. Arrogance At The Weigh-In

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Ronda Rousey’s demise stared before her match with Holly Holm at the weigh-in prior to the fight. Holm entered the stage gracefully and stepped onto the scale without anyone even noticing she was there. Gracious is the word to describe her appearance. Ronda, on the other hand, wasn’t so low-key. After stepping on the scale, Rousey charged Holm and put her fists in the air, shoving the quiet and humble Holm. As Ronda tried going full-pin WWE on her, Holm kept her composure throughout the experience. Even at the weigh-in interview, Holm joked around saying “they were having a drink” and actually said “she respected Ronda.”

Rousey wasn’t so nice, claiming Holm put the fists to her face despite the fact she charged the woman like a mad man. Ronda ended her “promo” calling Holm fake, saying it was all act and told the world she would show us “why she was champion”…….

6 6. That Rio Life

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Rousey is seen in this picture living it up with her coconut drink in Brazil, one of her favorite destinations in the world. As you can see in the picture, Rousey’s body has transformed from last year, as she’s supporting a fantastic figure nowadays which seems more Hollywood than UFC to be quite frank. Either way, her body has always been terrific.

Ronda showed off her body for various spreads which included a spot on Maxim’s Hot 100, as we stated a little earlier in the article. Her most prominent shoot, however, took place in February of 2016 for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. The spread featuring Rousey showed an entirely different side to the fighter and was pretty well received by a number of men around the globe.

1 1. Ronda Gone Wild

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For her fans and the youngsters that look up to the UFC star, this picture is pretty shocking. The picture shows Ronda drinking what appears to be vodka with orange juice? Honestly, we have no clue. While her buddy enjoys some fun as well.

Ronda didn’t really have a difficult childhood, but made some interesting decisions. She dropped out of high school and earned a GED. She later retied from her judo career and started pursuing MMA at the young age of 22. Fast forward to the present and perhaps not even Rousey could have predicted such a legacy before she hit her 30s. Fans wait in anticipation for her next clash, which will certainly be one of the most watched bouts in MMA history.

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11 11. Meltdown on Ellen

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It took some time, but Ronda Rousey finally opened up about the entire ordeal of her first loss with Ellen . Why Ellen? Cause she’s awesome and the greatest talk show host in the world, that’s why!

Ellen quickly went to the hard-hitting questions, discussing Rousey’s emotions and feelings after suffering her first professional UFC defeat. Ronda began to say that she felt fatigued having fought three matches in nine months , which really is a pretty brutal task, especially when you consider all the work that goes into a match. Rousey was pretty emotional reliving the events,as Ronda broke into tears describing the event that saw her in the corner absolutely defeated following the fight thinking, “what am I anymore.” The thought of suicide even emerged into the mind of the former champ. Yeah, it really was that bad at one point. Ellen concluded the interview with some words of wisdom — we love you Ellen.

5 5. Them Quotes Though

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When you become untouchable, the media basically takes everything you say into account secretly hoping that things go poorly and that these quotes can be used in a negative light. And well, for Ronda, this is exactly what happened.

Following her loss to Holm, both Twitter and Instagram were absolutely buzzing, featuring pictures and tweets that were poking fun at Ronda’s previous comments from just before the fight and other things she had said in the past that fed her ego. This one in particular was showcased and met with some serious ridicule. This is surely something Ronda and her fans want to forget about. It’ll be interesting to see what approach she uses heading into her next fight. Will she be humble? Or it will it be the same overly-aggressive WWE style Ronda? What do you guys think? Speaking of the WWE…

4 4. Spending Time With Friends

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First, let’s point out that it’s perfectly fine for Ronda Rousey to be with whoever she wants and while she’s only publicly dated males, if she wanted to date girls, we’d definitely be supportive of that life choice. The reason we think Ronda doesn’t want fans to see this photo is because most people would rather have their intimate moments remain private. Even if this was just a joke from a fun night with a bunch of friends (though she needs better friends if they’re posting this picture online) and far from a romantic endeavour, the fact remains that Ronda Rousey likely wants this picture to remain in the depth of the internet, far away from the eyes of her fans.

7 7. Alongside Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Here’s a picture Ronda’s pretty embarrassed to show her fans. This picture comes from her prior relationship with UFC star Brendan Schuab. The two began to date in 2013 and the relationship went strong until it ended in July of 2014. Rumor has it that his ten wins and five loss record just wasn’t enough to satisfy the former champ. Instead, she opted for a fighter with the same amount of loses, but with eight more wins. We applaud Rousey for the tactical switch-a-roo.

In all seriousness, Ronda had some terrible experiences in her relationships beforehand. According to her book, an ex-boyfriend basically took nudes of her without any type of consent. This caused Rousey to get physical with the dude and she stormed out of his house only to continue the assault in the car when the guy wouldn’t get out. Fearing he would post the pictures, Ronda deleted everything he had. To make matters worse, this all transpired two weeks before a high profile bout that saw Rousey take on Miesha Tate.